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Drywall texture spray

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Has anyone used this product?

Product Tire Liquid

I picked up a can the other day. I am thinking off trying to use it for texture on my plastic cauldron and possibly some other props. Has anyone used it before? any tips?
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I've used the stuff with minor construction projects around the house, but I've not used it for crafting/decorations as it seemed kind of expensive for the canister versus the coverage space.
You'll also need to have a lot of practice, try it on a piece of cardboard first to get the feel of the nozzle control and the amount of texture and the eveness of your arm movement for coverage. Even texturing can be more difficult with this stuff than a drywall hopper and rinse the nozzle regularly while you use it. The stuff can glob and gather on the nozzle. Keep a bucket of water or a rag near, to wipe off the excess as it gathers.

I would think that the texture would be so slight, that it wouldn't even be seen unless someone was up close on the item and seeing it under good lighting.. Everything that you coat will be either orange peel, splatter or everything in between. The texture is so slight, it would seem like a good paint jog could do the same trick..

Keep in mind that it can chip and peel off easily from plastic. I don't know if scoring the plastic beforehand would help.
They do sell wall texture that comes textured (wait? what?? LOL) They sell wall texture that has sand in it, various thicknesses of sand for different looks. It's actually a bit more inexpensive and can put more of a gritty texture on things...again, not sure if that would work on plastics as well.
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