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Dry ice

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I was interested in opinions about the use of DRY ICE............

there is a small storm rain creek that flows barely across the fitness trail of our neighborhood where we are planning a haunted trail.

I thought it would be a good foggy effect to have dry ice in the stagnant area near the trail.

PROS and CONS anyone?
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Pro's: Simple, effective, hugs the ground with no cooler needed.

Con's: Could get expensive.

If the water is too stagnant, the dry ice will cool the water around it and not off-gas as effectively. If the water has too much flow it will eat through your dry ice fairly quickly.

You're best bet is to buy some dry ice and find out. I'd place some dry ice in a wire cage and suspend or secure in the water.

As far as size, I'd go with the chunck dry ice rather than the pellets. Using multiple pellets increases the surface area, and more fog results. BUT, the increased off-gases eats up the pellets rather quickly.

With one solid chunk, you might get slightly less fog, but with less surface area the dry ice will last longer.

Your best bet is to get enough of each to test in a few different areas of the creek, and see what gives you the best results.
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