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Drop panel help!

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We have 2 drop panels in a winding hallway that is 3' wide - it's a hallway of pictures in frames, and 2 of the pics drop down. They are close enough so that one will scare the front of a group, the second will scare the rear of the group. The panels are built and work great, but we've never run 2 before so I'm wondering how folks time these things. We can drill a peephole for #1, but do we do the same for #2 so they drop at the same time? Or should #2 just wait until #1 drops and then drop theirs? Any tips on how to get them to synchronize?
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From what you described and sounding like you want them to work together, you should designate one drop panel to be the lead and the person manning the 2nd one should go off of the sound of the first panel dropping. I think if you allow the 2nd panel to make the decision to drop as well, I think you're timing will be impossibly off.
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