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Drop panel help!

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We have 2 drop panels in a winding hallway that is 3' wide - it's a hallway of pictures in frames, and 2 of the pics drop down. They are close enough so that one will scare the front of a group, the second will scare the rear of the group. The panels are built and work great, but we've never run 2 before so I'm wondering how folks time these things. We can drill a peephole for #1, but do we do the same for #2 so they drop at the same time? Or should #2 just wait until #1 drops and then drop theirs? Any tips on how to get them to synchronize?
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The best way to sync them is some type of controller with a trigger. When the trigger gets activated it drops both panels. Of coarse if they are actor operated, this would involve some work to automate them.
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