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Size may be deceiving since that "wall" before it is only 3' high. Head is about 3' - 4' long and 2' high, weighing 20 pounds. It's basically a low-tech ad lib job: a PVC frame holding a collection of milk and orange juice bottles lashed together with duct tape on the interior, and bubble wrap covered by red masking tape for the "skin." The two LED lamps for eyes were probably the most expensive part. A fog machine was connected via tube to the mouth to give a nice smoke effect. This year we mounted it on a long pipe with a counterweight suspended in the back and got great range of motion for the head.

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This year we built a dragon looming over a castle wall for our home haunt. I'd like to share how we did it; can anyone give me guidance on how to post pics better?
For something like that with multiple pictures, I'd suggest making a photo album.

You can do so following this link:

Or in your profile page clicking on albums.

The photo album will allow you to upload all your pictures at a time.

Once uploaded, when you go into the album, each picture will have 2 codes at the bottom. A photo url, and a BBcode.

Copy and pasting the BBcode into a post will insert the picture. (I recommend having 2 tabs/windows open, one on your albums, and one where your posting to ease the insertion of multiple photos into a post.

Holler if you have more questions...


There's a good tutorial HERE:
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