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Anybody seen it?

We always have a scary outdoor movie with a yard full of teenagers. My oldest daughter and I went to see the movie last night and we loved it. I am thinking surely it will be on video by November (we have out parties the first and second Saturday in November). We can have a gypsy theme complete with fortune tellers, demons, graveyards etc. So much fun with this movie! Lots of jumpy scary moments that can be rigged up for an extra scare throughout the movie. Would love to incorporate the envelope and quarter/button idea.

Any suggestions?


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Great ideas!

I think you kind of covered it - gypsy, maybe a seer/psychic, a seance area, not sure if you can score a live goat lol...........I would try to do something glow in the dark in terms of the firey pentagram that engulfed the victims.............for that matter, flies and gulp the poor kitty too!

Sounds like a fun theme - I also loved the flick. Good luck. I'm sure others will have more suggestions for you :)
Love the firey pentagram idea! Thanks!

Hello Halloween Mom,
What about doing some fire pits and torches. Maybe rig up some tents or fake carriages w/wheels. Hang some beautiful new and old gypsies looking fabics around. Get some gypsies music and some musical instruments (tambourines). Tables covered with gypsy looking fabrics for fortune telling arranged in a couple of tents or carriages. I would rig up a fog machine and some creative lighting (blues and greens). And some straw. :D
Torches and fabrics are great! Thanks!

Maybe set each table with a different movie reference? Just a small idea. ;)
For example.

1- Set the table with a plate with a piece of cake on it with a plastic eyeball in the cake with fake blood oozing out.

2- Set the table, gypsy glowy pentagram style with a nice table cover and maybe the glow in the dark spray? :)

3- Set the table with some cheap dentures and green jelly scattered around the middle of the table.

4- Set a table with a simple crystal ball? (Haha maybe you have a gemmy one?)

5- One table with all sorts of trinkets representing the cursed objects of different victims

Am I rambling? ;) Sorry for sort of stating the obvious ideas. I just really wanted to pitch into this topic. I really loved the film. :)

Maybe as each party guest arrives you can hand each person a random trinket and pretend it's "cursed" To maybe have your guests understand the concept of the party? And maybe you can think of some other crazy idea to incorporate with the cursed object you hand them... Hmmm? Did I help?
I love this idea! We have lots of table as you can see in pic below. I would NEVER have thought of this! Thanks.

Don't forget the obvious... a pit to HELL for your victims!
And we already have a hell hole, but we will have to tweak it some to make it better. Thanks!

I would love to incorporate the envelopes/quarters/buttons theme into invitations or a game of some sort if anyone has suggestions for that. Thanks to everyone for the great ideas!
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