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Dracula prop

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Latest prop is Dracula. I love these Rubies Deluxe Oversized Masks. Not only are the huge but they are very detailed and very thick latex, not that floppy crap you get with a lot of cheaper masks. Worth the money. I bought this one used for $55 on ebay. Made his costume from goodwill shopping as usual. probably spent $12 on the costume.

Costume Fun Mask Fictional character Helmet

Costume Suit Room Fictional character Mask

Mask Fictional character Costume Masque Art

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luv the masks!

and your boy is 2 cute ... giving vlad a refreshment ... at least it looks that way ... but he is so adorable ... and the boy's ok as well <grin> :)

So I gotta tell you what i did... baby has been so good with the masks and the props that i wasn't thinking. I got the mask in the mail, set the box in the chair, pulled the mask out and put it on my hand. My wife is holding the baby so i do a Muhahaha laugh and come towards them... scared baby so bad he pee'd... I felt so bad... Guess he needed some time to get used to it first...

.... I know, im the devil...
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