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I was going to retire old Dr. Shivers this year. Just not scary enough. But I decided to give him a new life.

One Gauze Groom costume and here it is

And here is the costume

I bought the VooDoo mask on eBay.
I am going to hook the audio up to a looped clip of a grawling zombie.
The head turns and everything.

This will be guarding the entrance to my VooDoo room.
And inside, the rising VooDoo Queen.
YouTube - Voodoo Queen

Let me know what you think!!!

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That is just great - I love the idea of repurposing props with a costume change! (just never thought of that before!)

Dr. Shivers has a very stylin' costume for Halloween (seriously wouldn't have know that was him under there - that's a great costume!)

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Both props look absolutely terrific. They should scare a few ToTers I'd say.

Curious how you attached the new mask to Dr. Shivers' head. I bought a few of them (as Gemmy White Haired Guy Spirit Balls) and am planning on changing my guys out too. Your work looks great. I'd love to see a tutorial on the facial surgery.
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