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(This post is a mix of repair/humor, and all in good fun. Please don't be afraid to comment/help out!)
After MONTHS of calling Mr. Shivers about his worsening heart conditions, hearing endless excuses about how he feels "drained" and out of juice, and hearing his constant complaining about worsening performance and movement, he finally relented and came to my office after realizing he couldn't feel his own pulse. Worried, I took some CT scans and found that his heart sat motionless, making nothing but noise. Explaining the grave situation to Mr. Shivers made him realize that an operation must be done to find out what exactly was keeping his heart from beating. He might be crazy, but he isn't stupid.

There sat his heart, right in front of me, after all this time. Dr. Shivers and his heart aren't as spry as they used to be. If they aren't maintained, they are sure to malfunction and break. Shivers has kept great documentation about repairs to himself, as many videos of this can be found on YouTube. The documents explaining his heart have been lost in the frightening pits of his lab, perhaps eaten by a Night Crawler or two for a snack. So, I plan to document my journey in trying to fix this fascinating item.

One would think the motion of this item would be purely string-controlled, much like the mouths of skulls in spirit balls, etc. However, This mechanism is a hybrid, using a gear driven system attached to strings to pull at 2 anchored parts of the latex in the heart. I removed the piece for a better view, but a seesaw-like piece which has the strings connects to the protrusion coming from the middle of the gearbox. I ventured further to discover to my horror one of the WORST gear splits I have ever seen. In all my years of owning various gemmy and Halloween items, NEVER have I seen anything like this.

The top of the middle gear COMPLETELY shredded apart.

Mr. Shivers is in a dire situation.

So, as any good surgeon, I turn to advice from the people of Halloweenforum.

I am pretty sure that this gear is a common one, and that I could find one if I really try, but what do YOU guys recommend? Is there a place to buy this gear? Should I request the part from Legendary Innovations? Is there a cheap Item with this gear in it? Please let me know your thoughts. I am looking to get this piece fully working again.
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