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Hey guys and ghouls,

I just happened upon this module that would've come in handy a few years ago. It's an audio triggered relay. When it receives a certain frequency (from a CD/MP3 player, let's say), it turns on the relay.

I designed one of these myself several years ago when I needed to run a couple cannons for a Pirate-themed haunt. I put the BOOM on one channel (L or R, don't remember), and then the remaining channel was used for the sound triggers. The BOOM went to an amplifier, while the sound trigger channel was connected only to the relay board. One frequency triggered a relay that would fill the cannon with smoke (just before...) the other frequency triggered an air burst to launch the smoke out of the cannon.

Anyway, if anyone needs sound-sync'd control of a simple popup, this can be a really cheap, yet effective solution.

- Hook
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