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Dot hallway HELP

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Thinking about doing a Dot hallway in my Garage Haunt,Should I use same size dots or different sizes for the effect.I plan on using florescent peel and stick inventory stickers for the dots, Any ideas? Thanks
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I think all being the same size might be more confusing to the eye, but I'd probably choose assorted myself
Depending on the length of the hallway, you could do an accending or decending pattern so they will question their footing. Are you going to put a dot covered actor in there also?
Will you cover the walls with black tarps or plastic?
You really don't have to use dots... just multiples of the same item.
One year I went to a haunt that had glowing Jason masks hanging from different heights. While I was looking it all over.... one mask got very close to me.... eeek!!! (actor dressed all in black with the same mask on)
Wow some greart Ideas My walls are solid black cardboard with a wooden frame hall way is about10 ft long then turns right was thinking of having a Clown masked actor at the end behind a drop down he can scare when ever the time is right But now I like the mask Idea very cool Thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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