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Lol .. Theme of the day is coffee! I can only drink two cups first think in the morning, after that it kills my stomach.

So .. Quick sugar is my energy fix ..

But, one can not live on sugar alone .. So, This is dinner *LOL*

Helps me nicely deal with questions like ..

Why aren't they handing candy out around at the little house, they are decorated.
Because that's our cottage, we own it too .. So we are handing candy out here in front.
But .. But .. It's decorated .. Why aren't you handing candy out there too?
Errrrr .. Really? :p

Or .. Adults watching the singing pumpkins with the children having to prove it's a projection and spoil the fun for them.

It's a projection right?
Nope, Halloween Magic .. Stare pointedly at children.
No, really, it's a projection. Kids it's a projection.
You are mistaken .. It's HALLOWEEN MAGIC
Oh ..

Don't get me wrong, the kids are a ball and that's why I do it ... Some of the adults I can do without ;)

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