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Rare 2006/07 animatronic figure. Still works, has original cord and box (but lost the outside graphic). Moves, but some sort of balance issue with the swaying body action. The belt that operates the action is still there and working when I filmed the vid, just had to hold her hand to get her to sway in the beginning but releasing her hand stopped the movement. Likely something off balance and easily fixed by someone familiar with this prop. Hair and clothing in great condition and rest of operations (eyes light up green and sound track with groans/wind) trigger each time as they are supposed to (sound activated) so even if swaying movement isn't working every time the prop is SCARY and really cool.

I've listed this on my local Craigslist as well (at a higher price), but am tentatively saying I will consider shipping to HF members in good standing. I have no idea about best rates for this so anyone interested in this best have a good idea themselves about who has a good rate and tracking (as I won't ship to anyone without confirmation package was received). When I put in basic ground with UPS, it wanted like $90! Only other suggestion would be to get it shipped to a business location (your place of work) as it tends to be MUCH cheaper than residential and you likely have someone that can sign for it if they don't deliver it directly to you... my zip is 77065.

$175 gets it as a "buy it now" price, if no one wants it for that, I'll be entertaining all lower bids and assessing end of day 10/17 to see what the best offer is and will hash out the purchase details at that time. And then again, no one may want it at any price I'd be willing to take, so there is always that... :D

Thing is, I kind of want to sell but kind of don't, and really hate the hassle of shipping so I realize it's a higher price but it IS a rare prop now.


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