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Dollar Tree Village Redux

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So I unpacked my repainted Dollar Tree Halloween Village and decided I didn't like it. Since the new Tombstone Corners pieces seem to be a bit more colorful (I don't have them yet), I wanted the village to go in that direction. For those that missed last year's village adventure, here's the thread where I discussed repainting DT Christmas village pieces: My Dollar Tree Village

Here's the new repaint :)

Bright and shiny
Tree Soil Vehicle Fictional character Plant

Some detail
Playset Purple Toy Miniature House

Mixed with last year's Tombstone Corner pieces (just crammed together; nothing is set up yet)
Action figure Fictional character World Interior design

Interesting discovery. I had a fire and ice light sitting there, so I had a thought. I like it! This might be a permanent lighting solution.
Psychedelic art Light Graphic design Art Colorfulness
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