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Just went to $ tree to pick up pool noodles and brushes...and Guess what? They have a few small Halloween items out...small skulls and garlands..of course I had to stock up..you never know what you might need....hopefully your areas have some out as well......I'm in Greenville NC by the way..
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· His name is Roger Clyne
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What is best to protect you'r paper mache prop from rain? This is my first paper mache project and I would hate to go through all that work only to loose it to rain. THANKS!
Several coats of any polyurathane/clear coat type sealant should work. Spray or brush on, doesn't matter.

For those interested, Scott over at Stolloween is testing the weatherproof-ness of Charlie, one of his paper mache pumpkins.

He's staying out from now until Halloween, wind, rain or shine to see how he fares.
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