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Dollar Tree Birds

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I found cheap little blackbirds at the local Dollar Tree the other day.

They are in dire need of improvement, as the white styrofoam body form shows through the feathers and flocking in several spots.

I bought them all, (of course!) then Pup and I fixed them by dabbing automotive trim dye on the bad spots. I think black liquid shoe polish would work just as well and be cheaper, too. After we let them dry in the sun for a few hours they looked good enough perch in the graveyard.

So if you're looking to scare up a flock, check out the dollar stores!
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Sorry your birds are looking kind of plucked. :( In a lot of places across the country DOLLAR TREE has had them out on the shelves for weeks if not a month or more. Maybe yours have just been picked over and handled a lot. Mine are pretty nice but I bought them shortly after they put them out. But for those that don't have much choice in selection, for the price a little repair work is well worth the price especially if they are getting put outside and exposed to the weather and such.

If you don't regularly look for the "Halloween Watch" or "First Halloween Item Sightings in Stores" -type of threads here on the board, you should try to. It's always nice to get first pick on things when they hit the shelves and people are really good about sharing their finds.

BTW here's a link (click on underscored link) to a post I made back on July 14 with pics of some of the Dollar Tree crows found at that time. I know there were mentions of them prior to that maybe as far back as first week in July. I should also mention that I'm still seeing crows on our DOLLAR TREE shelves so they are still out there.
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