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Dollar Tree Birds

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I found cheap little blackbirds at the local Dollar Tree the other day.

They are in dire need of improvement, as the white styrofoam body form shows through the feathers and flocking in several spots.

I bought them all, (of course!) then Pup and I fixed them by dabbing automotive trim dye on the bad spots. I think black liquid shoe polish would work just as well and be cheaper, too. After we let them dry in the sun for a few hours they looked good enough perch in the graveyard.

So if you're looking to scare up a flock, check out the dollar stores!
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I just got back from looking at my closest Dollar Tree. Those are NOT the same crows they had last year! They are crap compared to the 08 versions! :mad:

As you hopefully can see from this shot I took last year, the birds were feathered all over their bodies. Sure, they were the same poses as this year's and the feathers are a bit mussed, but they had all feathers.

What the he!! is this crap flocking and just feathers on the top - a feathery racing stripe with flocking [email protected] applied? :mad::mad::mad:

I was going to get a bunch of these this year, but I'll dig out my few from last year and see if I can make do with them.:(
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