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SO I want to be a giant creepy doll this year. Does anybody have advice on constructing an oversized doll head? I'm figuring paper mache is the way to go with maybe a light coat of spackle to make it look cracked. What I'm a little unsure of is the structure. Do I just coat a giant ball in paper mache, make a chicken wire shape I can then coat...etc. Any ideas? This is what I'm going for:


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isn't there paint that "cracks" when it dries?

maybe the webbing/support from a hard hat could be used to build the huge head off of? maybe wrap some foam around the webbing/support to build up the head to the size you want? might get really hot though ... or how about those air pillows that are used by companies that ship packages, like amazon ... i'm sure that someone has better ideas ...

what ever you do, do take pics and make a tutorial :)

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