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Dog Soldiers Werewolf Finally Done!

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I never thought I was going to get this guy done, but he's finished and we put him out in the yard yesterday. I kinda felt like a moron though. :) We initially put him out on his mannequin stand. We drilled two holes in the stand, hammered two 4' lengths of 3/8" rebar through the holes, and then bent the end of the rebar to hold the stand down. Then, after all that, it dawned on me that all the stand does is provide a support for a 3/8" rod the goes into the mannequins leg, so why not just ditch the stand and attach the mannequin to the rebar! That made for a much more stable and clean installation. :)

Anyway, like we did with our Creature From The Black Lagoon, we made a short video slideshow of the prop. I also added a short recap of the movie for those who haven't seen it yet. Enjoy. :)


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