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Does anyone remember?

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After reading some of the nostalgic threads on here, I got to thinking, does anyone remember the parafin lips, tongues, witch fingers and small bottles with flavored liquid?
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Oh man! I remember buying those. I always hated the wax lips, but the liquid-filled wax bottles I enjoyed. I used to buy them in a pack of 4 for a dollar when DollarTree carried it. I wonder if they still do!? Haha, I think I chewed on that wax longer than I chew on my long-lasting sugarfree gum now. Was never a fan of the wax lips though! Although I did buy some vamp teeth one time! Speaking of nostalgia candy...I have 2 questions for ya... Did you ever get Necco waffers as a ToT candy? Did you like it? I hate those things, Yeulck!
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