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Does anyone recognize this song played in an outdoor haunt video?

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I taped a song. But who actually uses tape - it's an SDHC card :D I was walking thru a HalloWeekends scare zone. Shazam and other apps don't know what it is. Maybe because it has ambient noise like fog machines and people's voices. Fwiw the apps didn't know what a Phil Collins I Don't Care Anymore live on the radio was when I uploaded it. But youtube did for example. This haunt song isn't in youtube's database either. It has a Tom Waits feel to it. But it's definitely not Tom Waits. It's not a custom song because they don't record them besides a Halloween parade song.

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Sounds like the band Creature Feature to me , i've been meaning to get more of their stuff - "The greatest show unearthed " is really good. if i find that one you recorded when i get their stuff i'll let you know
Thanx that's a good guess! A DJ ID'd it as Bogeyman Boogey by Dr. Steel ^v^ Makes sense because I think it's classified as Steampunk (or could be) and it's a Steampunk-themed scare zone ;
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oh man , I forgot about Dr. Steel ! he did some trippy stuff and had a killer website
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