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Does anyone have this trio of witches lawn prop?

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I was looking at this item last year and passed it up, but I'm still kind of interested. If anyone has it, are you happy with it or should I save my money?

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I do. Will tell you I had to make my own pvc poles for them as the ones they came with to stake them in the ground were complete garbage. I actually have them in my stuff to sell or toss that I don't use anymore pile in my garage.
Thanks Cloe. Are they as small as they look in the photo?
I have the Grandin Road version (different colors and they look a bit better) I got on clearance for $20 a year or two ago... I like them, but they are small. About 2.5-3 foot for tall to the tip of the hat of the main witch if I'm remembering. They look nice tho. The brooms and hands are foam, and their capes are attached to each other on the ones I have, but not sure if the ones you're linking to do the same thing... would be easy to cut apart, but I liked them as they were.

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Yes they are smaller than life size. They appear to be the same thing, size, and face as the version GR sold, just orange and black with grey hair as opposed to purple and black with red hair. The hair on mine is more of a silky type wig and not the fuller yarn look of the GR one's. I'm sure more than likely they were made by the same distributor. I want to think I bought mine at Buy Costumes as seen below.
Thank you both! Your info helped me a lot!
I was wondering about these too thanks for the info
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