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Often my Haunted House dream leaves me upset because I am dealing with stupid circumstances (Just like real life! )and very negative situations (Once again like real life!)
Last night was an exception though. It was a very simple dream, it was fun.
I had a platform behind a wall I was reaching over . I had a light weight skeleton on a stick made out of Mylar, but it had some other decorations on it for sort of clothing?
I would hang it over the stub-wall (in their faces) wiggle it, make it "Talk" (with my own voice) then pull it up quickly , up and out of sight.
Then, of course repeat this for the next person who was walking passed.
All very simple, silly, but it was eliciting pretty good reaction from at least every-other person who was walking beneath me.
I was also knocking against the 1/4inch plywood wall i was behind, which also got a screamy reaction from over half of the people walking passed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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