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After many years, I'm finally trying to hookup my SMC SY7320-5MZ-C8 solenoids.

These are 3 way, 2 actuator 5v solenoids.

I have a very simple setup with an arduino driving a 4-relay board.

I have 5V 1A supply by way of a USB charger.
Positive runs from power, through breadboard to positive lead on solenoid.
Negative solenoid lead goes to the COM on tha relay and the relays NO is connect to power.

My program is simply looping through each of the four relays; moving from one to the next every 1000ms.

The solenoid has a small indicator, so I know it is getting power.

But I don't hear/see anything happening in the solenoid.

I haven't tried yet (need to get the high pressure plastic hose), but does the solenoid need pressure to slide the internal actuator?

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