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Do any of Yall shop qvc for halloween things

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I love with they have their annual halloween time I wish they would have it in late sept then in early oct so it gives more time for shipped things to get here.. Anyway I was on their site just now and they have ALOT of their halloween things on clearance!:)
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I took a look at QVC just last night. They tend to be pricey and shipping adds up in a hurry with them. I've never been all that impressed with their idea of clearence prices either. But the main thing is the shipping with them. Every item has it's own shipping, so if you buy five things it will be shipping for five separate things instead of combined shipping. They give you breaks once in a while, but mostly they like to gouge you on shipping. If you see something you like, best to get it on a special value or consider easy pay if it's an option. But with QVC, it's best to compare prices. Most times, they can be beat. On the positive side with QVC, there's a HUGE customer review on most everything and a LOT of time spent on air demonstrating the product, as well as on line video demos too. Good luck!

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