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Animatronic DMX Skulltronix skull prop for sale

I am selling a DMX skull with aged bucky skeleton by Skulltronix. It has only been used for 2 1/2 hours on Halloween night. It comes with all the VSA software and cables to use with your PC. Also 4 routines (Ghost Host, Haunt Rules, The Seance, Pirate's Chest). Two DMX Chauvet LEDsplash jr and cables. Included is a RAPU by Brookshire. This makes it very easy to run the routine. You will not need to use a PC with the RAPU to run the show.. It comes with a remote and all 4 routines are programed on the RAPU. The RAPU only uses 31 channels compared to a PC which uses 62 channels. To use the DMX lights with the RAPU you will have to change the channels in VSA below 31. The routines that are on the flashcard for the RAPU are not below 31. I am selling for $2100. I am willing to take payments if needed. The left hand on the bucky is only held on with latex which can easily be fixed with a piece of wire. Here is a video of a test run when I set it up. Sorry for the bad video but, it was done with a cheap camera.

YouTube - Halloween House
Chauvet Par 38 LED Splash Jr.
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