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DMX BOC questions! First setup and no response

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Hello everyone,

Im converting to DMX this year and I just got my BOC board and I cant get it to do anything?

I read on the skulltronix support site that you should be able to move a selected servo with their "Boc Configurator" software by sliding the servo bar up and down under the "Test DMX". This is my first challenge before I even start messing with getting it to work in VSA. So I have not got it to work in VSA because Im trying to get it to at least work in the companion software first.

Last year I used Lynxmotion board but now I need DMX so thats why Im switching.

I Have the Enttec "PRO" and Im wondering if the boc even works with the pro model or just the open. If thats the case then there is my problem. If it is compatible with "Pro" then I need help.

I have three dmx lights set up that I can control just fine. I put the boc inline with a light in front and two after so the dmx chain is working.

On the board where the servo plugs in, the outside pin is neg, the middle is power or signal? inside pin power or signal? Ive tried it both ways and cannot get a servo to respond. I guess there was a diagram somewhere online but I cannot find it now?

Is there a rookie mistake Im making?

Thank you for any light you can shed!
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Spoke with Jerry at skulltronix and the BOC does in fact work with the "Pro" but their software does not. So I have to use the BOC as is with the defaults. Would have been nice to set up the DMX address higher than the default #8 but it works.

So anyone who is shopping please not you cannot use any of the cool features of the software if you are using the Enttec Pro.

Jerry said to buy an "Open" if you want to use the software.
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