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DIY Projected Flames

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I saw this in an article on this the Halloween issue of Living:

The editor wanted to make fire appear in his house so he took his camcorder and taped his fireplace. Most likely he did a closeup of just the flames alone. Then he had it looped on his dvd player and rear projected to his windows, which he covered up in paper (I forgot which but I'd rather use white shower curtains).

Voila! The room is on fire from the outside.

He showed a picture (looked photoshopped since the exterior appeared daylight and the flames looked too bright) of it but you pretty much get the idea after seeing Hallowindow and the other animations using rear projection.

I'll probably try this if I have time:

Items you need-
1. Camcorder/video recording device (sound optional)
2. Fire source, either a bonfire outside or in your fireplace, heck even the bbq pit would work.
3. A projector
4. Projection material (paper, spandex, shower curtain, etc) taped to the window

Chances are your projector from the distance you'll be placing it will end up too small an image for a overly large window, so I'd try a smaller window for a better effect. Also understand that you might take away the projector for other animated duties (ie Hallowindow) so consider either using the same window for both (I'd mixed them all on one dvd) or get a 2nd pj:rolleyes:

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The way they do it at Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean is that they hang sliver fabric from the top of a frame with enough excess fabric to allow it to ripple when hit by air. Then they light it with orange and red lights and place a "fan" underneath it to get the fabric to ripple in the wind.

Its a great effect if you can find all the parts and have a way to hide them from ToTers
As a word of Caution:

It is wise to call the fire department to get permission, as well as to inform them that you plan on having video footage of "fire" playing in your windows! I can tell you from experience that this is a GOOD idea!
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