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DIY Mini Fogger!! Under $15!!

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Below is a video of a mini fogger I just built. It uses an E-cigarette tip as the heater and liquid holder. Somewhere I saw where someone had used one of these as a small fogger so I thought I would give it a try!!
I have the battery holder and the small pump in a project box and a hose and the two wires for the e-cig attached to the box going to the tip. I am using 3 c-cell batteries to power both the pump and heater. It has a test button on the end as well as a jack to connect it to a prop controller.
It really works good and puts out a large amount of fog. I am using Pure Glycerin that I got at CVS in the make-up section!! I tried using regular fog juice and got very little fog from it. I also used e-cig juice which works good but it has nicotine in it and I didn't want that. Next I am going to try adding some fog scent to it.
The e-cig tip will unscrew from the end making replacement very easy. From what I have read they will burn out in a couple of weeks of regular use. The good news is they cost less than $2 each. Less than $1.50 online. At this price you could have several full ones ready to go and some with different scents. This whole project cost less than $15 dollars. It would be cheaper if all the parts were purchased online!! I did have some of the smaller items laying around and the cost does not include the batteries and glycerin.
Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!! I can think of lots of uses for this since it is portable and you can add fog right where you want it and have it controlled with a prop controller!!

Thanks for looking!!

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Amazing! where is the schematics for it? I would love to build one. Would go great with like a tiny Coal Burning prop I am building. But my only concern would be the loud humm. Wonder how would I be able to mitigate that sound.
That's great. How much can I buy one from you for?
Excellent idea. The only drawback is the noise. I wonder if it's possible to find a small air pump that's quieter.
Thanks for all the nice comments!! Pyrosaxpalyer, I will try to draw up a schematic and a parts list tonight at work. Danski, I don't have any plans to sell any of these right now but it is really simple to build. The noise is somewhat loud, the pump I used is a micro air pump from China that was really cheap. There may be one that is quieter, I am going to look into it!! I am also going to see if I can muffle the sound from this one some. Now it is just mounted in the box with no foam or insulation. Again thanks for the nice comments and I welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement!!
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I can see all manner of applications for such a beast...on-board fog for costumes, and localized fog/smoke for small props are at the top of the list.

Thanks for posting, and I'm looking forward to additional details. :)
Thanks Defenestrator, I was thinking of onboard costumes also, I think you could get some really good effects with it!! Cricket515 and SmartisSexy, im glad y'all like it, I hope you can use the idea!!
I have been running this thing a lot with the 3 'C' cell batteries and it is still going strong. I just ordered parts to build some using 3 'AA' batteries, this will cut the size down to about 1/4 the size it is now and make it much more portable. I think it will still have a good run time with the smaller batteries. I will take pictures of the steps as I go in case anyone would like to see how it is built. I am also going to make a list of the parts and where I ordered them. I am trying to draw up a schematic but my computer skills are not that great, neither are my drawing skills!!
I am also thinking of making one with 2 hoses so there will be 2 separate fog outputs, for maybe an angry demon prop with smoke coming from his nostrils??
Thanks to everyone for their input!! I will update this as soon as I get the new parts!!
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For making a schematic, look at Fritzing, it's very easy to use, FREE (open source), and can output pretty pictures of circuits:

Here is a quick schematic I drew up on MS paint. Its not great but I think it gets the idea across!! I am waiting on parts to arrive to build the next one of these which will be the smaller one. If there is any interest I can do a tutorial when I start building the next one. Most of the parts I have ordered off E-bay so who knows when they will arrive!! I received the push buttons yesterday!! The smaller version will cost less than 8 dollar apiece!! of course I had to order some of the parts 5 or 10 at a time to get a lower price but I will use everything eventually for something!! You can't have too many parts!! Thanks for looking!!


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I now have something to do with all of the old parts my wife doesn't use and are taking up space
I would love a step-by-step tutorial for the smaller one! This is fantastic. As others said, only drawback is the loud sound.
very good idea, much more and quicker smoke than Zero Blaster smoke ring gun
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