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This is my first post on the forum, and I'll have to admit that i found this at the very last minute.

I work as a teacher for kids who are 16-20 years old and we decided to build our own "House Of Horror" as project for Halloween.

I will here share what we did, and also how we did it. Both with pictures and words.
Worth to know, we hade a budget of $200 for the whole project.

Day 1.
25 September. 34 days until Opening.

Before we started building we needed to check budget, and it really didn´t started of to well.
With a $200 budget you shouldn´t come very far. But we hade some building materiel laying around from other projects so the
house was going to be able to build. But with small money.

So lets start working.
In the afternoon I did a simple mockup in Google SketchUp as we can see here

Day 2.
26 September. 33 days until Opening.

To finish the project i knew we needed more material than we could buy for the $200 so i called the local dump and asked for permission
to get some of the kids up there and load the car with some old 2x2 and 4x2 wooden studs.

We filled the car up and put into our storage over night.
Later that day i started feeling sick and needed to be home for the rest of the week.
Three days goes by without any building.

Day 3.
1 October. 25 days until Opening

The first buildday and since i was at home sick i filled my head with ideas of how we could do this pretty amazing.
We started with building the first wall as we can see here.

Day 4.
2 October. 24 days until Opening

We continued to building walls, painting, and some ideas of where to put light and smoke.
More about the smoke and light later on.



Day 5.
3 October. 23 days until Opening

We have now finished three of the walls and the progress are going really fast by now.
To add some "old style" to the wall instead of freshly painted white we used some coal that we scraped against the wall to get it "darker".

Skärmavbild 2018-10-30 kl. 19.26.43.jpg

Day 6.
4 October. 22 days until Opening

More walls and more paintjob.
Skärmavbild 2018-10-30 kl. 19.30.52.jpg

Day 7.
5 October. 21 days until Opening

Now we are finishing the last walls and starting to add some technology into it.
For one wall i wanted to have a digital painting and choosed to buy from AtmosFearFX.
I took a 24" Lcd screen and built it into the last wall.




Day 8
8 October. 18 days until Opening

Now all the walls are built in the first room and we are staring to get ready for the technical installations in there.
We used a surroundsystem and i mixed the looping track in logic to fit the different speakers.
Unfortunately we never got it to work so we choosed to go with just a stereotrack.

Meanwile we started to working in the hallway.
I wanted a Zombie-station and did find some nice loops at AtmosFear wich we bought.
To create this without stealing space i built a frame in 1x4" and put a white textile over it, but it in the doorframe and
placed a projector in that room that is shooting from behind and creating this effect.

Skärmavbild 2018-10-30 kl. 19.38.56.jpg

Day 9
10 October. 16 days until Opening

Now we starting to planning for the lights and decor.
We have contacted the local theater and they have promised us to supply with Moltonfabric, led par cans, a cracker, Uv-lights and lots of decor.
Also we are making up plans for the last station that the kids wanted to have in a Surgery-style. Blood and blood, and lots of blood to come.

Also, i nice soul donated us four old windows since they change on their house.
Of course a found a place for these ones and placed a strobe behind it.


Day 10
12 October. 14 days until Opening

Since it´s going to be pretty dark in there i wanted to add some lights. This is what i came up with. They are driven in pairs with a 4.5 volt adapter.


Day 11
15 October. 11 days until Opening

We want cold smoke in there, so it stays on the ground. And we have searched and asked alot of people but no one could lend us one.
So, back to drawingtable and google. We need to have this and the only way to fix it was to build it.
The blue plastic box is filled with water and put in the freezer over night. Works really well after all

So, here is what i came up with.



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Day 12
16 October. 10 days until Opening

Every Haunted House needs a nice sign. And this one is no exception.
We draw up how we wanted te sign on a hardboard and then started cutting it with Jigsaw




Day 13
17 October. 9 days until Opening

Now its time to finish the sign. Not much to say really.
It ended up really well :D


Day 14
19 October. 7 days until Opening

We did a testrun of half the house for 10 kids and it turned out really well.
Now we just waiting for the items to come from the theater.

Day 15
22 October. 4 days until Opening

Now the Moltonfabric and the lights starting to get in place.


Day 16
23 October. 3 days until Opening

I saw a guy on youtube making some props, and needed to do something similair :rolleyes:


Day 17
24 October. 2 days until Opening

Today we placed out all the props and decor.
We got some dolls that are really creepy.


Day 18
25 October. 1 day until Opening

The final details are coming to place.
I built some platforms to mount the speakers.
Also we mounted the plastic for the surgery and tried the projector.
A fakedoor was built and painted.
I took my shoes of and did some bloody footprints aswell.




Skärmavbild 2018-10-29 kl. 11.15.38.jpg

Day 18
26 October. Grand Opening

The opening went really well and everything worked out just as planned.
This opening was for invited teachers only (around 60 people)
Tomorrow, October 31st we are having a day open for the public.

Below i have added a video that was filmed October 26

Luckily we hade lots of materials that could be used for this and some really goodhearted people that helped us along the way.
Next year we are going to build something really special and the first thing that comes to my mind is ofcourse a dark ride :D

Hopefully this could inspire someone to build something similair.
I have probably missed a lot of things. Just ask me and i will respond as best as i can.

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I don't know about building something special next year - I think you have done that this year already. This is a great production. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Look forward to next year!

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Your haunt is awesome, well done! Very creative and you look like you have been at it for years! Those kids can be very creative (I teach high school too).

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Great job! Never thought about framing LCD screens into a wall - might have to try that next year to make ghostly portraits...
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