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VERY neat idea..DIY Glass food stands-you could fill these with all kinds of fun stuff! :)

Glass Food Stands
• Three 10” square glass plates
• One 6” glass cube container
• One 4½” glass cube container
• Four 3” glass cube containers
• 2 pkgs assorted moss/lichen
• 2 pkgs acorns
• 2 pkgs small pine cones
• Glass cleaner & towels
1. Clean glass containers.
2. Place moss and lichen in the four small cubes. Arrange to allow the interesting textures of each to show.
3. Pour pine cones in the 6” cube and acorns in the 4½” cube. Tip: If the materials don’t quite fill the cubes, place a
small can inside the cubes to fill the space and place the materials all around the edge so the can doesn’t show.
4. Place plates on top.

NOTE: instead of acorns, etc. fill with Halloween themed items-skulls, pumpkins, candy corn, etc.
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