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I've been making awesome cheap eyeballs for my props and corpses for a few years now.
I start with rubber bouncy ball eye balls that I buy from the Dollarama in Canada. They usually sell them in the novelty or loot bag section and they are about 12 for a dollar.

Using fine sand paper, i sand off the painted eye and smooth the seams
Next, I impale each eye on a long piece of strong wire to make it easier to work with.
Using the lid off a sharpie marker dipped in paint of your choice (I use craft acrylic) stamp a circle in the middle of the balls. Using a fine brush fill in the circle with whatever colour you want the iris of your eyeball to be.
Using a fine dry brush (I use a set of six cheap plastic brushes from Dollarama) start laying in different colours, starting on the outside and stroking towards the center of the iris. I usually use a base colour and two or three dry brushed colours on top.
Once you are happy with the iris, dip the end of a round paint brush in black paint, dab it once on paper towel and stamp the centre of your iris. This is your pupil. To make a crazy look, make one pupil substantially larger than the other.
Once dry, touch two dots of white paint on one side of the pupil to simulate light reflecting.
The part that makes them look awesome is the veining. Using red ribbon, embroidery floss, even fabric, pull some of the fibres apart until they are individual seperate fibres.
Using a small brush and white glue, paint glue around the iris (don't get the iris!) and begin sticking down the fibres. The more fibres the more bloodshot the eyeball.
Once dry, I spray my eyeballs with 3-4 coats of spray outdoor varathane in gloss. Make sure to use a water based sealant, oil sealants will eat the rubber!

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