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Distortions Unlimited Monster Mask Monster of the Month Masks and others

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For Sale I have.

Mini Alien $20
Unpronouncable Alien $70
The Peeper $80
Grim $60
The Initiate $65
Ernest Wellman $85
The WereWyrm (beetlejuice) $100
The Last Andromeda (signed by Ed Edmunds) $180
Abyssynaut $85
Suneater $80
Beldorian $80
Creetonian Elder $100
Tsezharr $60

All masks come in original boxes with description cards. Limited program and all molds for masks were destroyed for those not in Monster of the Month program. Price does not include shipping. All have been stored in a non smoking home.
All mask sales help fund an adoption we are 4k short on.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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