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Disneyland's POTC projection enhanced ride

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I've been interested in how projections work for some time now and how they are making rides at Disneyland seem almost new again (ie Alice in Wonderland, Hyperspace (nee Space) Mountain, Soarin', Star Tours, etc,

Now with the POTC in Shanghai Disney, and the Rataouille ride at Disneyland Paris (totally awesome, btw) i'm amazed how projections are now utilized to completely immerse us into the ride experience.

Here is an article regarding how the POTC ride was developed. its a great read and some aspects of the projection design can be implemented for home use with some animation software, imo


Here's one on the Ratatouille ride


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Your skeleton/zombie designs could be manipulated to create a similar jack sparrow - perhaps screen grab with captain jack himself* whether from the POTC ride or the movies, and then superimpose- fade in/out a skeleton that matched his movement. Tricky, I'm sure but perhaps doable.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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