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Here is what Ron for moss4u.com has offered forum members. Just wanted to pass this along for all who need moss this year!

"Moss4U is offering Halloween Forum members a 10% discount on our mosses. If you buy in quantities of Spanish moss there is an escalating discount, then your member discount of 10% is on top of that. This covers our Spanish moss, Sheet moss, Mood moss, Shag moss and Reindeer moss. Whether you are buying fresh, dried or dyed, the 10% discount applies. Our retail bags and Black Curly Lichen are not included in this offer. Additionally, our great tasting Tom's Barbeque Sauce is not discounted, sorry. it should be noted that if you are purchasing over 200 lbs to contact us by phone for special wholesale pricing.

We look forward to providing HauntWorld members with the finest mosses available at great prices.

For your 10% discount when you are in the Add To Cart section use the "Coupon Code" box with your member code. It must be typed in all capital letters.

The code word is BOO

That's right, BOO

I had to use a code that was real high on the security settings. I like complex things.

Ron Ortiz
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