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I built a wonderful structure in the back garden so I had somewhere to work on my stuff without causing too much hassle to the family.

The gazebo was just one of those summer ones with the plastic sides but I thought i had it properly braced against two walls and guideroped down properly. It was fine during the winds of yesterday but at 3am this morning my mother woke me up to tell me it was making a lot of noise and we should have a look at it.

It was nearly taking off! so we resecured it, brought most of my props inside (a good move) and went back to bed.

4am came around and a massive crash. We went out to the garden again and the gazebo was upside down and the wind was so bad you could barely hear yourself think.

We dismanteled it and went to bed again (and up at 8am to get Small Fry to school)

Just went over all the sections and I have a cracked middle joint and a few of the poles have flattened ends but it isnt anything that cant be fixed.

It's just so frustrating. I had a perfect workspace and then 60mph winds had to go and mess it up *sigh*

If you didnt laugh, you'd cry. Just so glad I got my tombstones out or all that hard work would of been for nothing.

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I've had our Gazebo for 3 years, maybe 4 now. And, I must say, they really dont give you a lot of anchoring options!

We had ours try to do the same the first year, and I got a little perturbed...It's got some concrete encasings anchoring each leg. Not perdy, but sturdy.

At least yours is salvageable, and you got your stuff saved.
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