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Dilema over theme and invites!

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I originally was thinking of being a victorian style vampire with top hat and victorian dress) for our annual Halloween party, but then found a great dress that I can actually use the same top hat with and be an evil circus ringleader. I have another party to attend as well so was going to go as one to my party and the other one to my friends party. The probem is that I can't decide what theme to do for my party. I made ROUGH drafts of two invitations and thought I could get some input from you all.

With vampires amiss at the Hulbert House
it will be the perfect Halloween night
to have some fun and play
or give someone a fright

There is plenty to sink your teeth into
and enough to quench your thirst
But, dont be caught without a costume
or your ride home might just be a hearst

So leave the lil' sucklings at home
don't want to give them a shock
The 17th of October is it
the feast begins at 8 o'clock

If being a vampire is not in your blood don't fear
all ghouls and guys are welcome here
but if the main course you don't wish to be
I'd bring this stake along with me!

The idea is to have the invitation wrapped around a wooden stake

Evil Carnival:

Something Wicked this way comes...

A cursed carnival draws near
and will surely conjur up some fear

There is plenty of food and drinks to share
So come in costume to this sinister fair

Be sure to leave the kiddies at home this night
wouldn't want to give them a fright

With games designed to "Tempt your Fate"
and prizes for best costumes...you best not be late

This ride arrives on the 17th of October
so at 8 o'clock make your way on over

The Hulbert House is where the fun begins
please let us know if you are able to attend

Again these are very rough drafts so no spelling grammatical checks yet! Any input would be appreciated.
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Both invites are worded really well. I'm partial to the vampire invite since that is my theme at my party as well this year. I guess it really depends on how you plan on decorating. I've noticed a lot of vampire stuff out this year thanks to Twilight & TrueBlood. Michael's has a line of Halloween decorating products called Halloween Bling which have a victorian style to them and would really go well with the vampire theme. I plan on decorating my upstairs with this type stuff and go really scary in the basement (castle walls, coffins, etc.).

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This is only my second Halloween party so I am new to this. Had a fantastic time last year! Most of my decorations are pretty universal not very theme specific. I think I could go either way more with the invitations and gifts etc. I don't have the money to spend to fully execute a true theme party, but just want a taste of it here and there maybe with the food too, but especially with my outfit and invites. That is why I need to make a decision quickly so I can start on the invites and get them out. Thanks in advance.

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I've thrown a Halloween party for the last 8 years and have had a blast every year. None of my decorations are theme specific. Just like you mentioned, I always tend to match my costume to my invite but have never required my guests to wear a certain themed costumes. It's always exciting to see the variety of costumes every year. As for my basement, it is unfinished and we buy the "wrap" to put up on the walls. We've had haunted house the last few years but will go back to the dungeon look this year to go better with the vampire theme. We usually make one new prop and this year's will probably be a Nosferatu prop. This year my invitation will be probably be sent with a tester bottle or test tube bottle full of fake blood or a stake with an invite tied to it. Not sure which would be better. Last year I did mini books of the dead and the year before was bloody fingers in box with black ribbon tied around it as a "reminder" of the date. My guests really enjoy getting their "unique" invite each year. Both themes you picked are cool but with the vamp stuff really mainstream right now, your guests my really like and identify with it. I'm looking forward to having it myself. Let my know what you end up deciding.
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