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Halloween is ever nearer!

I haven't posted on this forum for a few years but iv come back as I wanted to point out a useful tool i have come across and I feel selfish for keeping it to yself!

I work making animations and routines for different animatronics.

There is this amazing, and i mean AMAZING voice actor that has helped me out so much, so I have set him up a page on fiverr so other members of the Halloween community can get a piece of the action!


This isn't advertisement as I don't get anything from this really, but as i mentioned, hes really good doing crazy, more fun voices. i put together a very short video of some of the voices/routines he has done for me if you wanted to have a look!!! It may not be everyone's taste but my mind keeps ticking with what I can use him for. Poor voices or sound can ruin the best animatronics


Here is his sound cloud he sent for for normal voice over stuff as well as a video of his demo reel!



Hes happy with $5 for any voice over it seems for around 1-2 minutes!

There is another guy aswell I use on fiverr that has a much deeper voice who is also very good!!!!


Guess it depends on what sort of character you want?!

I'm trying to get together a list of different voice actors to use. anyone got any favorites?!

Happy Halloween !

Ben :)
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