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Another local paper article about Halloween spending, and they claim (see bottom of page):


Consumers nationwide are expected to escape from the uncertainties of their daily lives and let loose for Halloween this year. The following chart shows how much the average person will spend on items for the ghost-and-goblins holiday.

Costumes: $24.17

Candy: $20.39

Decorations: $18.25

Greeting cards: $3.73

Total: $66.54

SOURCE: National Retail Federation"

Got a good laugh out of that, and the rest of the stats, and thought a few on here would too!

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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I think I spent that on cheescloth alone...:rolleyes:

How about a magic trick?
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LOL. Too funny.
I'm on a very tight budget,
and probably spent double that.

Not including everything for
my party on the 25th.

Too funny, those stats.
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