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Just finished drywalling my garage this weekend and had a bunch or trash as a result that I needed to haul to the County dump. Now while I was there I realized how our county dump is a haunter's best friend. The county has a set-up where they seperate out all the areas...there's an area for metal and metal items, an area for wood and wood products, a covered area for paint and other hazardous materials, ect. Well I thought how do I get my hands on this stuff, so when I was leaving I asked the attendant in the scale house if one could take old wood or paint out and if there was any cost or permissions associated. She asked if I wanted to haul away and I said yes. She hands me a Hold Harmless form whcih I filled out there and she witnessed, then gave me a authorization slip for the Removal of Items and it's good for one year. I just stop at the scale house to let them know I'm in the dump and where I'm going and then let them know when I leave so they know I'm alive and I can take what I want.

Since our dump is a short 15-20 minute drive this is a great option for me. I already saw tons of cans of used paint and talk about weathered wood, pallets and old fence planks galore! Check it out in your area!
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our dump has a policy where we are not allowed to take items (FYI I think it's stupid of them not too. How much trash could be reinvented if they would let people take things that they see. -Haunters like us) I know I myself have been guilty of throwing perfectly good things out I shouldn't have because it was one item etc (heck my son didn't fit a pair of brand new pants someone gave me and I just threw them away I know I know but it was just one pair I tell myself :(, and we're already in the process of a lot of junk being around since we're remodeling our basement into liveable space)..... Sigh I know that adds up though.
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