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Dia de los Muertos party - ideas?

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Hey, Guys--just thought I'd see if you have any last-minute ideas for me! Our theme is Dia de los Muertos, and we're having it on actual Day of the Dead, November 1.
I'm putting up altars with papier mache figures, votive candles, marigolds, etc., and hanging papel picado banners. I'm going to print out Mexican Bingo / Loteria cards, and tape them to the walls. The invites asked people to come Mexican style, so I'm hoping besides skeletons, we'll have Frida Kahlo, perhaps a pinata, a taco, a bullfighter, etc. (My husband is coming as a luchador.) We're making a multicolored box where people can have their photo taken, kind of like the Day of the Dead skeleton tableaux boxes.
I'm renting a margarita machine, and serving rice, beans, enchiladas, fish tacos, and veggie quesadillas.
I'd really love any other ideas you guys have--especially for finger foods, decorations, or other things we should do. Thanks!
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