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Post pictures of your devil props and dummies. I want to see what other people do Devil scenes and devil costumes. I plan on making a devil scene this year, and want ideas how to spruce mine up.

Heres mine: I plan on adding red LED eyes to the small devil and the clown thats "crawling out from under the coffin", I will aslo have urns on each side. Next year I am going to make a paper mache devil dog.





Urns with dead flowers by casket.jpg urns

idk why the pictures look crammed

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Great idea for a thread!
You should check doto's albums/youtube for inspiration~he has some amazing demon scenes.
Uzzaths Underworld 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBB7ZA9CBcw
I'm going to tag along with this thread...I too want to do a HellHole/demon scene. I have a few masks
& some other stuff,
but they're in a box somewhere. Got the skelly from Target last year & the Spirit life sized demon
on Craigs List a few weeks ago.
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