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Devil makeup for sensitive eyes

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At the last minute we had a costume addition! My mother has determined that she wants to go out with us this year and she wants to do a devil/demon type costume. The costuming is simple since we have so much laying around, we can whip something together really easily.

The trouble comes in when we start talking about makeup. She has very sensitive skin and eyes. So much so that she does not wear makeup unless it is a very special occasion and then only for a very short period of time. Her eyes are the worst, even on the rare occasion that she wears makeup, she almost never as anything on her eyes other than a little eye shadow. No liner, mascara, nothing.

All of the pictures and references I was able to find for female demons/devils are heavily focused on the eyes. Any ideas on what could be done to still have something good, but not cause problems?

Thanks everyone!