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Now i'm working on details for the party. One of the "games" i'd like to do i'm a bit at a loss with.

Since i am doing a Hellidays theme, i was thinking of asking everyone as they come in if they've been naughty or nice. I'd write their names down on a list ( i saw this somewhere on a thread here with a very elaborate, creative, and cool looking scroll) anyhow....then what should i do with it???

What should i do with the nice people? WHat could i do with the naughty folks? They dont ALL drink....so shots are not too likely...any ideas?
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Ibelle3 - I get it "Hellidays"...you are mixing holidays and making them all scary. You could, later in the party, ask everyone to list who they thought put down naughty and who they thought put down nice. Then the person with the most correct answers gets a prize.

I haven't seen the thread you were talking about, but if you find it, I'd like to know where so I can check it out. Frankie's girl idea of switching it up might work for another theme.
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