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Despite a Series of Unfortunate Events...

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TOT went very well.


:mad: SECONDS before hooking up the outside speakers to the CD player, I pull the power cord and knock the player to the ground- breaking the CD carousel. So NO music or SFX.

:mad: 20-30 mile wind gusts completely destroyed one of my Victorian gas lights and put the kibosh on fog, big flat-sided props, cloaked figures, small light props. On a bright note, I placed rusty chains over my styro coffins to keep them down and liked the look so much, I think I'll do that every year instead of stakes.

:mad: The curtain on the window in fhe window of my FCG fell back down across the window. Didn't catch it until the last 45 minutes of TOT.

:mad: The wind vibration knocked out two of my accent smaller lights.

:mad: My disco ball rotating light- that worked perfectly throughout staging, burned out its light bulb as I turned it on 15 minutes before TOT, leaving the room with a huge bay window of silhouettes- dark.

:mad: I had glow bracelet rings as the rings for my treat "fish pond." There were fewer tube connectors than bracelets. Had to Scotch tap the last 15... quickly!

But despite all that- we had 88 TOTs and it all turned out better than OK. :D
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Wow you had your share of malfunctions. Glad it all turned out okay.

We had our issues too. I knocked over our Brain Wave Transmitter box to the ground about 15 minutes before we were ready while we were doing last minute changes. Hubby and I spent a lot of time on putting it together and I felt horrible. It still activated the electroshock hats but the red light was out. Luckily hubby was able to take it part and rig the box's red light to work again before the kids arrived. The early wind we got kept knocking John Doe over when he sat up so we ended up using him as a flat on his back dead body and didn't resuscitate him. His old nurse kept falling over on him despite trying to wire her to her stool during this windy period too so had to find ways to keep her upright. Fortunately the wind ceased and no problems with any falling props the rest of the evening. This was the first year we used a banner in our yard. Thought we could get by with these 24 inch stakes but decided to run back to the store to get 36 inch ones that worked better.

What didn't happen? I had wanted to use a Coat Rack Monster in our patient waiting area but didn't have time to set up. Probably would have fallen over too in the wind, and in retrospect there wasn't a lot of floor space left to position him. I had wanted to add a few bandaged patients on the chairs but ran out of time on those too. Ended up with just bloody bandages on the chairs instead. Oh and I really wanted to add a lab shelving unit with all my prepared specimen jars to the surgery area but that didn't happen either, one of hubby's projects. I was disappointed in that too. Overall though everything looked great and our Gorilla experiment was a big success and people never knew what wasn't there or didn't work and got altered.
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