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Desoto Asylum 2013

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For 2013 I was trying to put more decoration and theme into the haunt. Were as previous years there was nothing to look at, the haunt was nothing but people jumping out. I'm really proud of the improvements I have made this year.

Made a better candy area, a witches hut.
Room Building Night Art

I stuck an electric chair in the front for the kids to sit in and have there picture taken.
Chair Furniture Wood Plywood Bench

The Lobby Room...
Furniture Room Interior design

Something total new this year was a padded room, and it was actually padded because it was made with some old MMA/Wrestling mat.
Clown Costume

Walk way to "The Doctor' room.
Art Visual arts

The Doctors Ears! An idea I got from an actor in the Halloween Hellmouth haunted house.
Table Furniture Chair Room Wood

The Doctor Himself.
Flesh Zombie Fictional character

A new for 2013 cemetery, my girlfriend carved some of the stones.
Light Lighting Heat Darkness Night

Another new for 2013, a mausoleum. I painted it and everything inside with drylock so it had the look of stone, even though it was flat.
Purple Blue Violet Light Lighting

The crypt in the wall of the mausoleum.

All of us standing out in front of the haunt.
Event Costume

An idea we had at 11 o'clock Halloween night, we had so much fun that I thought why not open November 1st, and to make it better, run the haunt in complete darkness. So Desoto Asylum "Blackout" was born. Worked out pretty good for such short notice. We had 54 people go through "Blackout"
Font Text Darkness Photo caption Banner

Costume Zombie Performance Event Fictional character

Walk-through Video.

Best Scares Of 2013

More Picture? Question? Ask Away....
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I like your haunt Gumpster, I really like the idea of the electric chair for a photo op, did a lot of people take pictures sitting in it, I'm going to steal this idea, sounds like a fun photo op.

Not as mean as I would have thought, some looked at it and walked off, I think they thought is was just there for looks.
Next year I will stick a sign on it that say photo Op.

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After all of the years I have had my haunt open (almost every night for the last 26 years) I still feel I am working 98% of the time to merely please people and hear their compliments. Nice exit film of nice words, from so many people!
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