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Designing A New Costume

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So I need a new costume for the haunted attraction I work for. I've been the same character at Madworld Haunted Attraction in Piedmont SC for 3 years and I need to switch it up. My mask has to stay the same since it is a silicone mask, but I want what im wearing to be better. I wear the Immortal mask which is made by Immortal Masks (since I'm on my phone and dont know how to post pictures, here's a link to the mask immortalmasks.com/shop/Immortal-Silicone-Masks?productid=85&sort=pd.name&order=ASC )

I'm looking for something agile, but also ancient looking. Since it's an immortal feral vampire looking mask, I'm trying to get a feral, agile, menacing, and deadly looking costume without breaking the bank, but am having trouble doing so. If anyone can help me in any way that'd be amazing! Thank you so much!
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Nice mask there!

Do you have any pics showing your current costume? It would help with pointing you towards new ideas.

Just off the top of my head, I'd go for a Victorian type frock coat, a lovely tapestry vest, with a black puff tie, dark trousers (check thrift stores), and sharpened black nails. A very elegant outfit would increase the contrast (and bump up the creep factor) when paired with the animalistic look of the mask.

Links are all just an example - I have no idea if the websites I'm linking to are trustworthy or if better quality/pricing could be found, but these are the basic idea.
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