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The Crazy Idea:
I have one undone zombie torso, and I thought it would be fun to get input on how to put it together! Similiar to DIY Network Blog Cabin where viewers decide how the cabin is built and all the details, you all will decide how my next zombie is built! This prop will spend time in the front yard cemetary, then move to the backyard Zombie Run on Halloween night accompanied with live actors, lighting, and sound fx.

The Categories:
- Head (i.e. skull, corpse, bloody stump, mask, etc)
- Hands (skeletal, corpse, clawed, fist, pointing)
- Pose (standing, crouching, Mike Tyson boxing, vomiting, etc)
- Clothing theme (casual, tennis, military, etc)
- Animation (none, arms, torso, legs, head...as long as it involves a shiatzu)
- Accessories (baseball glove, sunglasses, backpack, decapitated head, etc)

The Fine Print:
1. One input per person.
2. Please be specific and limit to 10 words or less per category - the simpler the better.
3. I'll do my best to acquire specific items from local thrift stores or use my own stuff.
4. Although I have a semi-capable workshop, it's not Skywalker Studios. I'm about as electronically capable as plugging in a shiatzu. I have lots of power tools but no air compressor.
5. Unfortunately I have no prizes to give out, but everyone will get the warm womb-like pride in deciding how this is put together. "Those are my hands!"
6. I'll take inputs in this thread over the next couple weeks, tally the results, have a runoff if needed, then build my zombie according to the input on this forum!

I look forward to everyones inputs and ideas! :)
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Overall look: Pushing himself out of the ground (final stage of ground break)

Head: Tilted down, looking up, partial skull/partial skin - partially decomposed

Hands: Left hand on ground ('pushing' the last part of his body up), Right hand 'balancing' with an almost 'about to grab you'

Pose: Semi-crouched, pushing last bit of leg out of ground, leaning to left side a bit

Legs: Left leg buried to below knee, Right leg already extruded being used to support body and pushing rest of leg out

Clothing: Suit he was buried, black, white shirt, black tie, from Men's Warehouse

Animation: None. He's in a state of rest milliseconds before he pulls his leg out from the ground and takes a lazy lunge forward.

Accessories: Folded handkerchief in pocket, small, broken wood around disturbed ground (coffin), tipped over flowers.

This zombie in the foreground is the closest I could find to what I'm describing.. just with your zombie already having is right leg out and left leg almost out and his right hand in mid-air.
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