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Dept 56 display 2014

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Updated Dept 56 display 2014 more photos

Updated with some additional photos.A few shots of our Dept 56 display.

Games Technology Recreation Electronic device Fictional character

Pc game Adventure game Night Screenshot Building

Lighting House Night Nativity scene Building

Transport Locomotive Railway Vehicle Train

. Night Tree Games Pc game Screenshot

Building City

Nativity scene Lighting Adventure game Interior design House

Lighting Town Night City Darkness

Architecture Darkness Photography Nativity scene City


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Might be the coolest thing I have seen today.
Awesome. Love to see some pics with the train it it.
I've told my husband when I get "older" I won't do the big yard haunts any longer. (He responds..... SUUUURRREEEE!). What I envision is me making a halloween townscape like this!!!!
Very nice set up.
Nice! Makes my 8 building setup on a card table seem meager!
love it! I would also like to know where you got the train tracks :3
I love it especially all the little details.
love it! I would also like to know where you got the train tracks :3
The train track is Lionel Fastrack which is available at pretty much any hobby or model train shop.
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Thanks rupertoooo. Seeing this reminds me of our Dept. 56 village that now resides permanently in the closet for fear of destruction by the dreaded Catzilla.
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Looks great! I too set up a d56 and others with the same train as you but this year I'm unable to do so as I have working on an addition to the house. My 10 year old daughter is really bummed about it.
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