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Departed Studios Needs Your Help

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Hey all! Hope alls well, and thanks for your support with our TEEMING release!

I'm posting because we're deep into the production of this years CD release, and are hoping to get some soundscape ideas from Haunt Forum's discriminating haunters and haunt music connoisseurs...

For this release we aim to include more FX-scapes for use as backdrops in different scenes/settings... And less musical composition. Any input is appreciated! Some scene ideas might include... Mad scientists Lab, an Asylum, etc, etc... As much as we want to stay original as possible, many popular scenes are repeated in different haunts around the country... We may still include a couple that have been 'done to death' (;)), but promise to put our own departed sick spin on 'em. What I'm REALLY looking fwd to is some of you who have been fiendishly looking for a soundscape to fit an obscure, original scene, and have come up with nothing as of yet... If I can paint a sonic picture, I'm doing my job and I'm confident others will find it useful..

Also, on a side note, Anyone who has the TEEMING CD and digs it, I'd really appreciate it if you could post a quick, honest review on Fright Catalog... (here)

Anyway, I'll check back to get your feedback and assure you all ideas will be considered...

Thanks again and happy haunting!

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